Totally Free Credit Report

Credit reporting agencies create as well as maintain credit information of consumers.  The information in a credit report includes how often you make your timely payments, how much credit you are using or if you have any outstanding debt from a creditor or a lending company.

While people start to build their credit report history once they turn 18, parents can still file for a totally free credit report for their children. Although it is rare for credit reporting agencies to create a credit file for children under such situations, here are some exceptions:

  • If a consumer with a similar name to your child, who is a minor, obtained credit and the credit reporting agency created a credit report for your child instead of that consumer.
  • If there is identity theft and your child’s name was used and the credit reporting agency created a credit history using your child’s information.
  • If your minor child is an authorized user of your credit card and the child has used it to purchase unnecessary items online.

It is a written rule among credit reporting agencies not to generate a totally free credit report once they know that the information involves children. This means that if a file on your child exists, then the credit reporting agency should remove it or deny anyone requesting for the information. However, you can request the information if you are the legal guardian as long as you can provide the needed documents.

You can get a totally free credit report of your minor child. It is crucial that you review and correct all errors in the file and contest or flag it to the credit reporting agencies. For instance, identity thieves usually attempt to use the social security numbers of children to take out loans and the activity can go undetected for years. If not corrected, the information will become visible once your child turns 18 and it will be more difficult for him or her to correct the errors if not addressed earlier.

Credit reporting agencies are required by law to give access to a free credit report to minors and their parents. Having said this, it is important that you also take advantage of a totally free credit report so that you can check if your child’s identity is being used by identity thieves. The next time you request for your free credit report, include one for your child as well.