Free Instant Credit Report – How To Get It?

A credit report is the summary of your financial history. It also helps determine the terms of your mortgage or if you qualify for auto loans or even acquire new credit cards. However, there are problems that can taint your credit report and these include fraudulent financial activities and identity theft. Thus, getting a free instant credit report makes it easier for you to spot problems on your credit report.

While it is easy for creditors to check your credit report and score from major credit reporting agencies, the challenge, however, is that it takes time for individual consumers to request for a free credit report from the government. There are some ways to get an instant credit report for free.

Free Instant Credit Report Government Sites

Credit reporting agencies update your credit score and report regularly; thus you can track your progress and make necessary improvements if needed. You can check such sites as Credit Sesame, Credit, Credit Karma and Quizzle for your instant credit report.

So which site should you choose? You need to get your free credit report from all sites. It is important to take note that all of them get your credit history from different sources. For instance, both Credit and Credit Sesame use data from Experian while Quizzle gets its data from Equifax. Lastly, Credit Karma uses TransUnion.

 What Does This Mean?

As long as the credit reporting agencies have accurately collected your financial history, checking your free instant credit report from different websites really does not matter at all.  You can get your free credit report from any of the four sites mentioned. The problem is, accuracy is an issue with credit reporting agencies because some creditors and lenders do not really report to all three agencies.  This creates discrepancies in your credit report.

Since you can get a free credit report from the four websites, what you can do is to request one from each site and try to compare your credit report. Do ensure you make good use of your free instant credit report because you can only request it once every 12 months. If you see discrepancies in it, then there is a high chance that there is an error in one of your credit reports.  You can flag the error on your credit report by sending a message to the credit reporting agency to correct it.