Free Credit Report Government: How To Get a Credit Report?

Free credit report government is necessary in determining a consumer’s credit worthiness. Many banks use credit reports to check credit history of their clients so that they can make decisions about the type of interest rate to give to them. Credit reports are also used by mortgage companies and other lenders to decide if they will grant your mortgage or loan application.

Where to Get a Free Credit Report?

It is therefore important to get a credit report to check if you have a good financial history. Checking your credit report usually requires you to buy from credit bureaus. However, didn’t you know that you can get them for free from free credit report government-approved agencies?

There are hundreds of credit reporting agencies in the United States, but there are only three major credit bureaus and they do provide free copies of credit reports. These agencies include Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can visit to request for your free credit report from each agency. It is important to take note that each agency provides only one free credit report annually. This means that if you already obtained one earlier this year, your next copy should be purchased.

When getting credit report from free credit report government approved agencies, make sure that you are cautious as most websites offer them only for a brief period of time before you get charged. In most cases, these credit bureaus are not regulated by the law. Make sure that you read the fine print before buying a credit report that you don’t really need.

When to Get Free Credit Report?

It is also important to remember that the credit reports change constantly as long as you borrow money, pay your bills or do other financial transactions.  Lenders update your information to the credit reporting agencies. So instead of getting free credit reports for no reason from free credit report government approved agencies, you only need to do this if you are planning to make a major purchase or if you are actively working to improve your FICO score.

Once you get your free credit report, check the information to make sure that your credit information is accurate. Determine if there are any errors and file a complaint to the credit reporting agency to correct it.

Collecting your credit report from free credit report government approved agencies is very important so that you will be aware of your credit history and ensure that you have good credit standing and credit worthiness to get good interest for your loans as well as be able to apply for credit.